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    Tests for boric acid and borax

    A few years ago, the media exposed the scandal of adding toxic borax to Saqima (a kind of food made of flour, eggs, sugar, sesame and kernels of melon seeds)during production process in  Henan province. The products were sold in Lanzhou, Beijing, Hebei, etc. According to the regulation ,boric acid and borax are illegal non-edible substances. Borax can be added on purpose in dried rolled bean curd, meatballs, jelly, cold rice noodle, noodles and dumplings, etc. wrappers.

    ■ saqima and other cookies, cakes etc.
    ■ Dried bean curd and bean products etc.
    ■ Beef, pork and some other meat and meat products
    ■ Jelly, cold noodle, noodle, dumpling and other types of pasta
    ■ Modified milk
    ■ pasteurized milk

    PONY Tips
    As a leading third party testing organization, PONY focuses on the food safety testing in every aspect of food production chain. We can provide test service for food additives and non-edible food additives for clients.