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    Papaverineand narcotinetest

    As early as 2008, in the list of non-edible substances and easily abused additives in food issued by by the former Ministry of Health (the first batch)", poppy shell was classified as non-edible substances, banned to add in food.
    CFDA has issued a notice, that strict measure will be carry out to handling illegal use of poppy shell in the hot pot according to law.

    About poppy shell
    In many regions of the country, some hotpot restaurants and snack bars add poppy shells to the food to attract customers.Poppy is the raw material of opium, and poppy shells contain more than 30 types of alkaloid, including morphine and codeine. Long-term use of poppy shells can turn people into addicts and damage their nervous system. Chinese law clearly says that poppy shells are inedible and adding them to food is strictly prohibited.

    Test method
    Based on a provincial food safety standard DB 31/2010-2012 Determination of Papaverine  morphinenarcotine  codeine thebainein hot pot food by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry, we can carry out the test for clients .