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    Green Chinese medicine testing

    In China, the concept of “green” has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and consumers are increasingly aware of the dangers of heavy metals and pesticide residues. China has defined the meaning of green Chinese medicine, which refers to the non-polluting safe medicinal plants that meet the "Green Industry Standards for Import and Export of Medicinal Plants and Preparations" (WM2-2001) (hereinafter referred to as "Green Standards"), and the labeling of green traditional Chinese medicine could be strictly managed.

    The standard of green Chinese medicine is likely to transition to the whole industry standard. Chinese medicine manufacturers should formulate policies as soon as possible, and Chinese medicine products that fail to meet the green standards will not be trusted by consumers and gain access to the outside market, and will be forced to withdraw from the market. Therefore, it is an irresistible trend for Chinese medicine products to achieve green standard compliance certification.

    PONY Testing Group has signed long-term cooperation agreements with a number of pharmaceutical companies to provide green Chinese medicine testing. At the same time, take the advantages of technology and equipment in the field of pharmaceutical product, Pony testing can supply analysis for drugs.

    Test items

    Test items

    Project Description


    Organochlorine pesticide

    666, DDT, pentachloronitrobenzene, aldrin, heptachlor, dieldrin, endrin, etc

    Pesticide detection

    Organophosphorus pesticide

    Dichlorvos, parathion, methyl parathion, acephate, ethion, malathion, dimethoate, omethoate, diazinon, monocrotophos, killing phosphorus, etc.


    Pyrethroid pesticide

    Deltamethrin, fenvalerate, cypermethrin, permethrin-I*, permethrin-II*, cypermethrin-I*, cypermethrin-II*, cypermethrin-III*, fenvalerate-I*, cyanide E Pyrethroid-II*, deltamethrin-I*, deltamethrin-II*, fenvalerate, etc.

    Heavy metal content detection

    Cadmium Cd, lead Pb, arsenic As, mercury Hg, copper Cu, total amount of heavy metals, etc.

    Hygiene indicators

    Total number of colonies, coliforms, molds and yeasts, pathogenic bacteria, aflatoxin B1, etc.