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    GB31241 Tests for batteries

    GB 31241-2014 Safety requirements for lithium ion batteries and batteries for portable electronic products

    PONY offers a range of CNAS and national CMA accredited analyses in the field of battery test. All laboratories are accredited with CMA qualifications. Testing reports can be accepted by tax authorities and corresponding government offices. Meanwhile, PONY is also recognized and approved byCivil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for transportation of dangerous goods. The certification for safe transport of goods and inspection reports are recognized by major civil aviation companies and airports.

    Test standard:
    Portable mobile power: charging device, etc.
    Lithium ion battery and battery pack which contains:
    Portable office products: notebook computers, tablet PCs, etc.
    Mobile communication products: mobile phone, cordless phone, Bluetooth headset intercom, etc.
    Portable audio / video products: portable TV, portable DVD player, MP3/MP4 player, camera, video camera, recording pen, etc.
    Other products: portable electronic devices, digital photo frame, game machine, electronic etc.

    Test items:
    General safety requirements
    Battery or battery pack electrical safety test
    Battery or battery pack environmental test
    Battery protection circuit safety requirements (applicable to the battery pack with protection circuit)
    System protection circuit safety requirements (applicable to their own without the protection circuit, but its charger or by the power of the electronic products with a protective circuit of the battery pack or battery)