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    Genetic testing

    Project Background:
    At present, with the increasing popularity of genetically modified products and the frequent occurrence of meat adulteration incidents, the public is paying more and more attention to the safety of genetically modified products and meat. Countries around the world have successively formulated relevant laws and regulations. China has increasingly attached importance to and strengthened supervision and management of genetically modified foods and meat adulteration.

    With its rigorous quality management system and technical strength, PONY has successfully obtained the qualifications of CMA for genetically modified products in the fields of food, agricultural products and feed. As a result,  PONY can provide the public with genetically modified products testing services, and it’s test data and reports are recognized by the public.

    The PONY genetic testing laboratory is established in strict accordance with the “Laboratory Accreditation Assessment Guidelines”.It has testing and analysis equipment, and testing technicians. It has the testing technology and comprehensive service capabilities, and can provide animal-derived testing, detection of allergen components in foods and raw materials, screening of genetically modified ingredients in food and feed, and detection of common crop-based products according relevant standards.

    Testing standard:
    ● GB/T 19495.3-2004 Genetically modified product testing Nucleic acid extraction and purification method
    ● GB/T 19495.4-2004 Genetically modified product testing  Nucleic acid qualitative PCR detection method
    ● SN T 1961.1-2007 Method of detecting allergen components in food
    ● SNT 2051-2008 Method for detecting bovine, goat and porcine source components in food, cosmetics and feed
    ● SNT 1195-2003 Qualification of genetically modified ingredients in soybean PCR detection method
    ● SNT 1196-2012 Genetically modified component detection method  Corn detection method
    ● SNT 1201-2003 Qualitative for genetically modified ingredients in plant feed  PCR detection method
    ● SNT 1202-2010 Qualitative for transgenic plant components in food  PCR detection method
    ● SNT 1204-2003 Qualitative test method for real-time fluorescent PCR of genetically modified components in plants and their processed products

    Test items
    ■ Detection of animal and plant origin components
    Cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys and other livestock, chickens, ducks and other poultry, fish, fruits and vegetables, cereals, etc.
    ■ Detection of allergen components in food and raw materials
    Peanuts, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, carrots, hazelnuts, almonds, shrimps, gluten, sesame, wheat, fish, celery, mustard, lupine, buckwheat, soybeans, etc.
    ■ Crop genetically modified screening
    Soy, corn, potato, cotton, papaya, green pepper, rice, wheat, tobacco, rapeseed, etc.
    ■ Common genetically modified agricultural products are tested
    Soybean GTS40-3-2, corn MON810, corn Bt11, corn GA21, corn T25, corn Bt176, rapeseed RT73, Bt Xiangyou 63, Huahui No. 1, etc.