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    Environmental reliability test

    Background of the project:
    In the early stage of the development, the product was mainly used to discover and improve the design defects, and then to find new problems through further experiments. Experience has shown that about 70% of design flaws can only be discovered by testing the prototype. The test is not only a powerful measure to improve the design in the production and production process, but also an indispensable means to evaluate whether the various characteristics of the product meet the requirements.

    The product is subjected to various environmental factors (including the natural environment and the induced environment) during the whole life of its manufacturing, storage, transportation and deployment. Especially the environmental conditions in the use phase are usually harsh. Through long-term practice, people Recognizing that the environment and product reliability are closely related and play a key role and impact, environmental technology is the basis of product reliability testing, and proper and effective use of environmental technology is conducive to improving product reliability.

    The environmental test is a test that evaluates the adaptability of the product to the expected working environment; the reliability test is a test designed and improved according to reliability requirements, with reliability targets and under typical environmental conditions.

    Service items and standards:
    PONY has a large number of environmental reliability test equipment, which can scientifically and standardize high temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, temperature change, constant temperature and humidity, alternating heat and humidity, salt spray, mold, sand, solar radiation, vibration, impact, The standards covered by environmental tests such as free fall, temperature/humidity/vibration include GB2423, GJB150, GJB150A, GJB367A, GJB1032, GB21563 (railway traffic standard), GJB899A, GJB1407 and other civil and military standards.

    Relevant qualifications:
    China National Accreditation Service for Accreditation Assessment Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (CNAS)
    National Defense Science and Technology Industry Laboratory Accreditation Committee Approval Certificate (DILAC)
    China Metrology Accreditation/Recognition Laboratory Qualification Certification (Metrics Certification) Certificate (CMA)