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    EMC testing

    Background of the project:
    In order to prevent electromagnetic interference generated by some electronic products, affecting or destroying the normal operation of other electronic devices, governments or some international organizations have proposed or formulated some regulations or standards related to electromagnetic interference of electronic products, in compliance with these regulations or standards. The product can be called EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility).

    The test has strong electromagnetic compatibility testing capability, and has established good cooperative relations with many international certification bodies. It can provide high-quality testing services, help customers solve electromagnetic compatibility problems in product development and design process, and propose electromagnetic compatibility solutions for products. Program.

    service items:
    The test can be based on customer needs, to develop a detailed and reasonable electromagnetic compatibility test program, to guide customers to quickly confirm the test objectives, to provide customers with one-stop integrated services, specific services include (not limited to) the following:
    Conduct electromagnetic compatibility testing and evaluation of products according to standards, and provide test reports;
    Assist customers to apply for and obtain CE, FCC, E/e-Mark, VCCI, CCC and other product certifications;
    Instruct customers to deeply understand electromagnetic compatibility related regulations and standards and improve compliance rates.
    Cooperate with the customer site to complete the test and meet the customer's various parameters.

    According to standard:






    ISO 11452-1ISO 11452-2ISO 11452-3ISO 11452-4ISO 11452-5ISO 11452-6ISO 11452-7ISO 11452-8ISO 11452-9ISO 11452-10ISO 11452-11ISO 7637ISO 10650ISO 16750-2

    Test items 


    electromagnetic interference test Power line conducted disturbance (CE)

    Signal and control line conducted disturbance (CE)

    Radiation disturbance (RE)

    Harmonic current (Harmonic)

    Voltage fluctuations and flicker (Fluctuation and Flicker)

    Transient launch (auto parts)


    electromagnetic immunity test Electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity

    Electrical fast transient burst (EFT) immunity at the power port

    Electrical fast transient burst (EFT) immunity of signal lines and control lines

    Power port surge (SURGE) and lightning strikes

    Signal line, control line surge (SURGE) and lightning strike

    Power line conduction coupling / transient immunity (auto parts)

    Signal, control line conduction coupling / transient immunity (auto parts)

    Radiation immunity (RS) of the housing; radiation field immunity test of transverse electromagnetic wave (TEM) chamber (auto parts)

    High current injection (BCI) immunity (auto parts); stripline immunity (auto parts)

    Conducted immunity of the power port (CS)

    Conducted immunity of signal lines and control lines (CS)

    Power port voltage drop and interrupt test (DIP)