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    Large power battery test

        Lithium power battery is the main force of the power battery, as a new high-energy battery in the 20th century; it has been widely used in military and civilian small appliances. Lithium battery in air transport is currently required for transport through the UN38.3 test. Due to large in
    size and characteristics of large capacity, it will easily lead to its transport inconvenience. To facilitate the majority of lithium-powered battery manufacturers and distribution companies, Pony Testing launched the first base in the country that can do test of more than 100V battery.

    Pony Testing professional battery testing laboratory
        Pony Testing has a battery testing laboratory nearly 500 square meters in Shenzhen. We have a highly educated and experienced technical team, able to test almost all kinds of batteries, such as lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, batteries, power batteries, fuel cells, solar cells and other safety inspection equipment.
         Recent we added new large power battery test item, to test power car battery, battery electric road vehicles, power tools battery, hybrid batteries etc.

    Professional high-efficiency battery testing and consultation service
        Pony Testing provides UN, IEC, UL GB, EN etc safety testing regulations. Porfessional testing are based on UN 38.3, UL 1642, UL 2054, IEC 61960, QB/T 2502, SN/T 1414.3, IEEE 1725, UL 60950, GB 18287 etc.
    Testing Items:

    ■ High simulation ■ Temperature test
    ■ Vibration ■ Impact
    ■ External short-circuit ■ Hit
    ■ Over-charging ■ Mandatory discharge
    ■ Extrusion ■ Acupuncture
    ■ Insulation resistance test ■ Cycle life

    New battery testing services
    New testing items Battery applied Note
    Insulation resistance test All kinds Range: 100k?-100T? covering all electrical-resistance levels
    Acupuncture test All kinds ---
    Extrusion test All kinds, vehicle electronics Range: 250N-13kN covering all standard extrusion tests
    Internal resistance test All kinds ---
    Hardness test All kinds, electronics For battery shell hardness
    Large battery charge/discharge test, All battery including large power battery Applied to battery below 120V/40A