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    CPSIA testing

    "CPSIA has strictly defined the limits of various toxic and harmful substances in children’s supplies and toys since it became federal law on August 14, 2008. Now, all relevant products must be tested by a third-party testing agency approved by the CPSC before entering the U.S. market. Otherwise, they will face a huge fine and cause export disruption. PONY Testing is officially authorized by the CPSC to provide CPSIA testing services for you. "

    Elements of the CPSIA Act
    Limit the amount of lead(total lead) in children’s products
    Lead limits for materials contained in all children’s products:
    ■ 600ppm-The amendment will take effect 180 days after its promulgation:
    ■ 300ppm-The amendment will enter into force one year after its promulgation:
    ■100ppm(if CPSC confirms that it is technically feasible)-the amendment will enter into force three years after its promulgation:

    Limit Lead in Paint and Paint
    Lead in paint and paint for children’s products from current 600ppm to 90ppm
    Prohibition of the sale of certain products containing phthalates
    Prohibition of the sale of children’s toys and child care products containing 6 phthalates
    Compulsory(Statutory) Safety Standards for Toys
    180 days after the amendment, ASTM F963-07, prepared by the American Materials and Tests Association, will automatically be regarded as a safety standard promulgated by the CPSC.

    Compulsory testing and certification
    All product manufacturers involved in the regulations of the Children’s Product Safety Act (including this amendment, other similar standards, regulations, prohibitions, regulations, and other CPSC enforcement bills) must be tested at third-party testing institutions with CPSC-recognized qualifications, In order to prove that its products comply with the relevant standards and regulations of CPSC enforcement, and various relevant regulations.

    CPSC’s Qualification Recognition of Several Testing Projects of PONY Testing
    PONY Testing is one of the third-party testing organizations that has received multiple qualifications from the CPSC and is officially authorized by the CPSC. Testing of lead content in consumer goods (including textiles, plastics, rubber and toys) and lead paint / paint, asphyxiating widgets and pacifiers.
    If the products involved in the above test items are tested by PONY Testing, they can be approved by the CPSC.

    The range of CPSIA children’s supplies / toys provided by PONY Testing includes (not limited to)
    ■ Plush, cloth toys
    ■ chemical toys
    ■ Children’s bicycles
    ■ wooden toys
    ■ Plastic toys
    ■ electric and electronic toys
    ■ Children’s Supplies
    ■ Ceramic Toys
    ■ Clockwork toys
    ■ oil rods, watercolor pens, rubbers.
    ■ Paper(board) toy
    ■ dolls and their costumes, intellectual toys, musical instruments

    Toy detection project
    ■ Soluble heavy metal content tests(lead Pb, cadmium Cd, Chromium Cr, arsenic As,
    ■ Barium Ba, Mercury Hg, selenium Se, antimony Sb, etc..)
    ■ Physical and mechanical testing
    ■ Inflammability test
    ■ Chemical Performance Testing
    ■ Testing of toxic elements in packaging materials
    ■ Phthalates content
    ■ Formaldehyde, plasticizer, azo
    ■ Plastics test, paint test, auxiliary material test
    ■ Total lead

    PONY Testing provides a comprehensive one-stop service system from the management of banned harmful substances to the strategic supply chain security plan. It is willing to cooperate with retailers, manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods to improve customers ’products, processes and brands. For more information, welcome to contact us.