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    Norway PoHS Detection

    “PoHS” stands for "Prohibition on Certain Hazardous Substances in Consumer Products". On June 18 2007, Norway informed the WTO asking to manage "hazardous substances in consumer products", totally 18 substances, which was what we saw the PoHS regulations.
    PoHS regulation was scheduled to be entered into force on January 1, 2008, but it has been delayed because no consensus has yet been reached on many issues. In August 2008, after Norway SFT reviewed many comments, the restriction on chemicals form the initial proposal has been reduced from 18 to 10 substances. Some changes in the limit values and the extent of exemptions for the ten substances where it has been deemed possible to ensure necessary protection of health and environment have been proposed.

    Revised 10 hazardous materials
    Arsenic 0.01% Lead-acid batteries, brass, crystal and lead glass
    Lead 0.01% Already regulated paint, crystal and lead glass, optical glass, according to Norwegian laws and regulations administered makeup cosmetics and health products
    Cadmium 0.01% Specific use red or yellow glass, and there is no alternative, according to Norwegian laws and regulations administered makeup cosmetics and health products
    HBCDD 0.1%  
    Middle-chain chlorinated Paraffins 0.1% Highlighted the need for flame retardant products, and no suitable alternative
    Musk xylene 0.05% Detergents, cosmetics and regulations administered by the Norwegian Cosmetics
    Perfluorooctane acid 0.005% Regulated products such as textiles, carpets and other coating consumer goods
    Bisphenol A 0.005% Seamless flooring, brake fluid, thermal paper, cosmetics regulated by the Norwegian Cosmetics Regulation
    Pentachlorophenol 0.1% Regulated products such as textiles, leather
    Triclosan 0.001% Cosmetics regulated by the Norwegian Cosmetics Regulation

    PONY provides PoHS testing services
    Norway is not a member of European Community and European Union. Its environmental requirements are even more stringent than EU. Although this law only applies to Norway, but it may become the control standard for hazardous substances used for electronic and electrical products exported to Europe, for few companies will specially manufacture some certain products for some market, unless the company does not intend to sell products to Norway.
    Pony Testing is one of the testing organizations taking the lead in conducting PoHS testing items in China, keeping a close watch on updated news of the regulation. Based on the professional technique, Pony Testing appreciates your business.