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    LEED advanced commissioning (electromechanical)

    LEED commissioning is a systematic process to ensure all the systems in the building to coordinated operate in accordance with the user requirements and design intention requirements of the owner. Through the preparation of project requirements and design basis from the early stage of design, until the construction, acceptance and operation and maintenance, the actual measurement and verification of system operation performance are carried out.

    Basic process of LEED V4 advanced debugging:

    LEED V4 advanced debugging


    Owners Project requirements (OPR)

    Preliminary design stage

    BOD Design team prepares design intent document (BOD)

    The owner assigns the commissioning consultant CxA at least 50% prior to completion of the construction drawings

    CxA audits OPR and BOD

    Debugging requirements shall be compiled in the construction bidding requirements

    Construction drawing design stage

    CxA audit 50% construction drawing

    Prepare debugging plan for CxA
    (including determination of commissioning monitoring procedures, determination of measurement and evaluation points for energy and water use system performance)

    CxA audit the submission documents of the general contract and subcontract

    The construction phase

    CxA field inspection of the installation and operation of the master package system

    CxA on-site inspection of the overall package system functional debugging

    CxA audit and debug monitoring results, and make correction plan

    Prepare commissioning system operation manual for CxA audit

    Training of CxA audit debugging system

    CxA prepares debugging reports

    After the completion

    CxA revisited the project after the building was operational for 8-10 months

    Prepare seasonal commissioning plan and quarterly analysis report for CxA