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    Contract energy management

    EMCo management is a new market-based investment mechanism for energy conservation projects. In essence, EMCo management is an energy-saving investment method that pays for the total cost of energy conservation projects by reducing energy costs. This energy saving investment method allows users to upgrade equipment for customers with future energy saving benefits, reduce current operating costs and improve energy utilization efficiency.

    PONY TEST group on the contract energy management mode of operation, with the close cooperation of domestic and foreign well-known equipment manufacturers (such as Carrier, York, Trane, etc.), design units, the units setting standards in energy industry, and other energy-saving institutions, through the contract energy management of the market mechanism, to achieve the social benefit of energy conservation and emissions reduction, as well as the economic benefits of both sides of the contract. After signing technical and energy management service contracts with customers, PONY TEST is responsible for financing and assuming technical and financial risks, implementing and managing energy-saving projects for customers, and sharing energy-saving benefits with customers in accordance with the provisions of the contract within the contract period. For customers, once the project is established and executed, there will be no technical and economic risks.

    Basic types of energy conservation service contracts
    1.Energy saving benefit sharing
    EMCo provides project funding;
    EMCo provides whole-process service for the project;
    During the contract period, EMCo and the customer share the energy saving benefits in proportion as agreed in the contract, after the expiration of the contract, the energy-saving benefits and the ownership of energy-saving projects shall be owned by the customer.

    2.Energy saving guaranteed type
    The client provides project funds;
    EMCo provides the whole process service of the project and guarantees the energy saving effect;
    According to the contract, the customer shall pay the service fee to EMCo;
    If the project fails to achieve the promised energy saving or energy saving benefits during the contract period, EMCo compensation shall compensate the customer for the unachieved energy saving benefits as agreed in the contract.

    3. Energy cost trusteeship
    The customer entrusts EMCo to carry out the operation management and energy-saving transformation of the energy system, and pays the energy custody fee as agreed in the contract;
    EMCo reduces energy costs by improving energy efficiency and owns all or part of the energy savings as agreed in the contract.
    The economic benefits of EMCo come from the saving of energy costs, and the economic benefits of customers come from the reduction of energy costs (contract amount).

    4.Energy efficiency payment type
    The client entrusts EMCo to carry out energy-saving transformation, and pays a certain proportion of project investment in advance.
    Upon completion of the project, the customer shall pay the balance or pay with the energy saving benefits after reaching the specified energy saving amount.

    EMC business process
    1. Initial contact with customers and preliminary audit.
    2. Review energy cost data/estimate energy saving.
    3. Preliminary project Suggestions.
    4. Customer promises/signs letter of intent.
    5. Detailed energy consumption research.
    6. Contract preparation.
    7. Sign contracts.
    8. Engineering design/construction/installation/project acceptance.
    9. Monitor energy saving.
    10. Project maintenance/training.