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    Energy audit (building/enterprise)

    Energy audit is inspection, verification, and analysis and evaluation on the physical process and financial process of energy using of the enterprise and other energy-using units by audit unit according to relevant state energy conservation codes and standards, which is a kind of effective means and methods strengthening scientific management and energy-saving of enterprise energy , has very strong supervision and management function.

    Classification of energy audits:
    There are two types of energy audit: general energy audit and deep energy audit.
    By client, energy audit can be divided into two types: entrustment by government departments in charge of energy conservation and entrustment by energy-using units.

    Methods of energy audit:
    I. General energy audit
    The object of energy audit is relatively simple and takes relatively short time. Generally, it only does general energy audit. Its main work includes three aspects:
    1. Investigate the main buildings of energy-using units and the energy-using equipment and system, and master the general basic information of energy-using units.
    2. Investigate the energy management status of energy-using units, understand the main energy-saving management measures of energy-using units, and find out the weak links in management; 
    3. Audit and analyze energy statistics of energy-using units, and test energy-using equipment if necessary, so as to further analyze and find problems in equipment operation and propose improvement measures.
    On the one hand, general energy audit can identify obvious energy saving potential and simple measures that can improve energy efficiency in the short term, and at the same time, lay a foundation for further in-depth energy audit.

    II. In-depth energy audit
    A detailed energy audit is required for an in-depth and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the energy-using system. Comprehensive collection the data construction using energy, if necessary still need to conduct the testing work energy-using equipment, to complement some important data lack of measurement, balance the physical quantity of energy of energy-using units, carry out energy saving analysis on the key energy-using equipment or system, look for feasible energy-saving projects, put forward energy-saving technical renovation scheme, and evaluate the solutions from economic, technology and environmental aspects.

    III. Special energy audit
    For the key energy consumption links found in the preliminary audit, the targeted energy audit is called the special energy audit. On the basis of preliminary energy audit, closed test calculation and audit analysis can be further carried out for this aspect or system, specific reasons for waste can be found out, specific energy-saving technical renovation projects and measures can be put forward, and quantitative economic and technical evaluation and analysis can be carried out.