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    Secondary water supply test

        Drinking water quality and safety is related to the people’s health, so the Ministry of Health issued a stricter regulation to strengthen the management of water quality test for drinking water in order to ensure drinking water health and safety. Every regulation has specified requirements for water quality sampling location, test items and the monitoring frequency of all kinds of water supply facilities, especially secondary water supply facilities.
    Requirements for secondary water supply test
       National departments of health stipulate that the unit in charge of water supply shall test water quality regularly and record the results, and water quality test shall be performed by the third party with testing qualification.
    1.Sampling point shall be set at the entrance of raw water, water outlet of equipments and peripheral water.
    2.Water quality test items:
    (1)  Items must be tested: color, pH, turbidity, smell and taste, visible to the naked eye, sulfate, chloride, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, violate phenol, oxygen consumption, total hardness, iron, manganese, copper, lead, total bacterial count, total coliform, thermotolerant coliforms, Escherichia coli.
    (2)  Optional test items: when necessary, relevant test items and disinfection by-products are tested additionally according to the types of water tanks, disinfection methods and other factors.
    3.Monitoring frequency: once per year.
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