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    Water quality test

        Water as the source of life, it has a decisive role in social and economic development. Water quality testing is an important means to ensure water quality and safety. Pony Testing has CNAS and CMA qualifications in the field of water quality testing, and the test reports have been approved in 71 countries, with international credibility.
    Classic cases

    Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Water Park(Water sports venues for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Water Park)
    Olympic Games Water Park is the venues for Olympic Games Rowing, Canoeing, Marathon swimming and Paralympic Games Rowing. Pony Testing provides professional water quality testing services to ensure water quality to meet the requirements of International Olympic Committee for water sports.

    Entrusted by Ministry of Environmetal Protection to investigate water source quality
        The website of National Environmental protection bureau said Shan’xi environmental protection bureau commission Pony Testing to carry out drinking water and spare water resource, totally 109 items, monitoring project. For details, please click

    Test category
    Drinking water Pure water Fish raising water
    Bottled purified water Natural mineral water Irrigation water
    Groundwater Surface water Water for experiment
    Waste water Sea water Swimming pool water
    ?Reclaimed water Cooling water Landscape water
    Boiler water Industrial water Secondary water supply

        Pony Testing can take all samples seriously according to different customers and testing requirements, and can provide professional water quality testing services in compliance with USEPA method, GB method, JIS method and other test methods. We appreciate your business.