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    American CPSIA/CPSC consumer product testing

      Pony Testing is the third-party testing organization taking the leading in getting the CPSC certification and awarded by the CPSC officially. We could provide professional CPSIA/CPSC consumer product testing service.
    Introduction to American CPSIA/CPSC consumer product testing
      August 14 2008, US president George W Bush signed federal act H.R.4040 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008> (CPSIA). This act is a fundamental change to the previous CPSA act, and it changed American consumer products security supervision system. It calls for great attention from consumer product manufacturing enterprises. This act requires all toy/ children product that looking for ways to be sold in America, must pass a security check by a third-party agency approved by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Pony Testing is the first third-party testing organization to get the CPSC certification and awarded by the CPSC officially (Related certification could be seen at We could provide professional testing service for consumer products, including textile, plastic, rubber, toy and children products.

    Key points in act CPSIA
    Restricting total Lead content in children products

    ● Limitation for Lead in various materials contained in all children products;
    ● 600 ppm – effective after 180 days of law release;
    ● 300 ppm – effective after one year of law release;
    ● 100 ppm (if CPSC thinks that it is feasible in technology) - effective after three years of law release;

    Lead content in paint and coating
    Limits for lead content in paint and coating of all children products reduced from 600ppm to 90ppm

    Prohibit the sales of some products containing phthalates
    Prohibit sales of children toy and children caring items containing any of six kinds of phthalates

    Toy mandatory (act) safety standard
    After 180 days of the release of the act, ASTM F963-07, compiled by American material and testing association would be automatically seen as the safety standard issued by CPSC.

    Mandatory testing and certification
    All manufacturers of products related to children’s products safety regulations must perform test for their products in the third-party testing organization approved by CPSC, to prove that their products comply with relevant standards and regulations and different specified regulations.

    Testing items:
    ● All consumer products containing Lead (including toy, children products);
    ● Total lead content in paint;
    ● Testing of phthalates
    ● Pacifier/ Cups safety testing;

    Testing service range
    ● Toy product
    ● Children Product
    ● Children care product
    ● Baby nipples and cups
    ● Other consumer product
    The control range for CPSIA is wide, except for food, cosmetics and medical equipments that do not fall in this range, all other consumer products are almost within it. For such products as baby pacifiers and cups, they are under supervision by CPSC and FDA. FDA focuses on food additives indirectly added to food, such as chemicals released form containers to food and drinks; CPSC focuses on product external control, which directly contacts with consumers.

    PONY Hint
    Pony Testing can provide one-stop service from banned hazardous material management to strategic supply chain, eager to cooperate with retailers, manufacturers, distributors all around the world, to improve product quality, brand value. We appreciate your business.