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    DMF test

      The European Union has banned the products containing DMF to be put or sold on the market. Recently, many products containing exceeding DMF have been recalled, which plays a significant role in domestic production and sales. Pony Testing can provide you with professional DMF testing services.
    Introduction of DMF test
      Recently, European Commission passed a draft Decision requiring member states to ensure that products containing the biocide DMF are not placed or made available on the market (2009/251/EC), stating that as of 1 May 2009 products containing DMF are prohibited from being placed or made available on the market.

    Requirements of new directive
    As of 1 May 2009 the products containing DMF are prohibited from being placed or made available on the market, and products containing DMF already placed or made available on the market are withdrawn from the market and recalled from consumers:
    ● The content of DMF in products or product parts shall not exceed 0.1mg/kg(0.1ppm);
    ● Products and packaging shall not use desiccating agent and mildew preventive pouch containing DMF.

    Background of new directive
    DMF is a high-efficient low toxic mildew preventive arisen in the world in 1980s, and is used widely in our furniture and shoe industry. When exceeds the amount of normal use, it may cause skin allergy, rash and burn of customers. Last year, customer allergic accidents happened in France, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Britain one after another. After 2009/251/EC was issued, the ban on the use of DMF is extended from France, Spain and Belgium to all European countries, and became the technical barrier of our export processing enterprises for shoes, bags and sofa etc.

    About DMF
    DMF was most often contained in little pouches fixed inside the furniture or added to the footwear boxes. It thus evaporated and impregnated the product, protecting it from moulds. However, it then also affected customers who were in contact with the products. DMF penetrated through the clothes onto customers’ skin where it caused painful skin contact dermatitis, including itching, irritation, redness, and burns; in some cases, acute respiratory troubles were reported. The dermatitis was particularly difficult to treat. The presence of DMF is thus a serious risk.

    PONY Hint
    ● In the production of leather products and other relevant products, avoid using DMF;;
    ● Suppliers of desiccant and mildew preventive are required to provide specific components, chemical name and CAS number of such substances, to ensure these substances do not contain DMF, and to avoid recalls because raw materials or desiccant and mildew preventive are unqualified.
    ● Pony Testing can provide customers with professional DMF testing service based on understanding timely of latest directive and advanced technology. For more information, please contact us.