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    Calibration and measuring services

    Project background
    In recent years, with China's rapid economic development, the living standard of inhabitants have been improved continuously, the manufactures continue to adjust their production structures and upgrading, and the export and import trades have increased constantly. These trends make requirement of calibration and measuring dramatically increased. At the same time, China opened some of measurement services gradually, which create a better environment of testing realm and stimulate the growth of calibration and measuring markets

    The calibration and measuring laboratory of Pony Testing possess accreditation certificates issued by CNAL. The calibration and measuring services are provided and followed the requirement of ISO/IEC 17025 or special requirements from CNAS.

    Examination standard
    ■  JJG30-2012 Verification Regulation of Current Calipers
    ■  JJG31-2011 Height Calipers
    ■  JJG21-2008 Micrometer
    ■  JJG34-2008 Indicator (point and digital types)
    ■  JJG35-2006 Lever indicator
    ■  JJF1101-2003 Calibration specification of the measure equipment for the temperature and humidity
    ■  SL144.6-2008 Calibration method of the Electric-Thermostatic Water bath
    ■  JJG196-2006 Common glassware

    ■  Detection products
    Verification Regulation of Current Calipers, Height Calipers, micrometer, indicator (pointer and digital types), lever indicator, measuring equipment for temperature and humidity, electric-thermostatic water bath, common glassware