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    CPSC toy testing

    CPSIA redefined a stricter limit for hazardous material in toys. Pony Testing, certified officially by CPSC, could provide professional CPSIA/CPSC consumer products testing service.
    CPSIA became U.S federal law on August 14th, 2008 and redefines the limits of toxic and harmful substances in toy products in a more stringent manner. Nowadays, all relevant products before sold in American market, must be certified by a third-party testing agency approved by CPSC, otherwise the seller would be heavily fined and their export would be cut off.

    CPSC toy testing items made available by Pony Testing include (not limited to):
    * Lead content in toy/children products and coating /paint
    * Testing for small parts posing a choking hazard
    * Rubber/ soothing nipple
    The items above are important for toy/children products. Almost all the tests for toy/children products include test items above. Pony Testing has been approved by CPSC for these items, which robustly proves great strength and world-class capacity of Pony Testing in the field of toy testing.

    CPSC-accredited qualifications of Pony Testing in various testing items
    Pony Testing becomes one of the first third-party testing organizations to be granted several CPSC-accredited qualifications in China and is officially authorized by CPSC to conduct professional testing of lead content in consumer goods (including textiles, plastics, rubber and toys) and lead-containing coating materials/paint, small parts posing a choking hazard and rubber soothing nipple.
         Plush and cloth toy      Chemical toy
         Children bicycle      Wooden toy
         Plastic toy      Electric and electronic toy
         Children toy      Ceramic toy
         Clockwork toy      Oil pastel and watercolor pen, plasticine
         Paper(board) toy      Toy figurine and its clothing, intelligence toy, intelligence musical instrument

    Toy testing items
         Soluble heavy metal content testing(Lead Pb, cadmium Cd, chromium Cr, arsenic As, barium Ba, mercury Hg, selenium Se,antimony Sb etc)
         Physical and mechanical capability testing
         Flammability testing
         Chemical properties testing
         Poisonous element of package testing
         Content of phthalates
         Formaldehyde, plasticizer, azo
         Plastic test, pigment test, accessory test
         Total lead

    For more information about testing services for toys and children products, please contact us