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    Global G.A.P. Certification testing

    Global GAP certification standards covered the entire process of products certification from cultivation to harvest. Pony Testing can provide GLOBALG.AP the needs of the relevant certification testing services.
    Global G.A.P certification is also called the global good agricultural practices certification, within the context of the global market as a good agricultural practices and the establishment of the main reference. Global G.AP certification will transform the consumer demand for agricultural products to the agricultural planting, and quickly recognized in many countries. Till August 2007, Global G.AP already covered more than 80 countries; more than 80,000 growers have been certified.

    Agricultural products as the source of the entire food supply chain, the safety concerns are increasingly paid attention by consumers. In order to address food safety from the source of the problem, enhancing control of the retail market in Europe, many supermarket groups developed the planting / breeding process of GAP (good agricultural practices) control system standard on time. The scope for control system is from the soil to the table, the whole process.

    Global G.A.P certification standard divides into five modules
    Crops (including standards for fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants standards, standards of field crops, green coffee standards, tea standard module)
    Livestock, poultry (including sheep, cows, pigs, poultry module)
    Fish (including salmon, module)
    Animal feed
    Reproductive material

    Pony Testing could provide the following Global G.A.P. testing and certifying services
    Testing Item
    Testing Substances
    General Analysis Moisture and volatile matter, ash, soluble solids content
    Petsticide Residue Organochlorine pesticides, organophosphorus pesticides, carbamate pesticides, pyrethroid pesticides
    Veterian Residue Antibiotics, nitrofuran metabolites, diethylstilbestrol, sulfonamides, Clenbuterol, etc.
    Malachite green and invisible malachite green, crystal violet and invisible crystal violet, PCBs, etc.
    Hazardous materiale
    Cd, Cr and other heavy metals chromium, nitrite, sulfur dioxide, melamine, etc.
    Microbe Total bacterial count, coliform bacteria, molds and yeasts, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, Streptococcus, Enterobacter Osaka Qi, Listeria monocytogenes, commercially sterile, aflatoxin, etc.
    Original environment Irrigation water testing project Biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, anionic surfactant, Kjeldahl nitrogen, total phosphorus, water temperature, pH, total salt, chloride, sulfide, heavy metals, fluoride, cyanide, petroleum , phenol, benzene, chloral, acrolein, boron, fecal coliforms, Ascaris eggs, etc.
    Soil quality test Heavy metal, BHC, DDT, cation exchange capacity, etc.
    Air monitoring indicators Sulfur dioxide, total suspended particulates, respirable particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, benzo [α] pyrene, fluoride, etc.

    Companies will benefit from Global G.A.P. certification:
    Able to enter market, an important license;
    Improve farm management, same level as international standard;
    Improve food safety, provide more confidence;
    Protect the environment, sustainable development;
    Improve animal living status;
    Protect employee safety; avoid imposing too much responsibility to society;
    Economically benefit the company