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    Appliances To The Countryside" Products Testing

        To help home appliances and automotive companies bid for enterprise products, "home appliances to the countryside" products, and improve enterprise products in the rural market share and competitiveness which bid the "appliances to the countryside" successful, as the authority testing group of electrical and electronic industry, the third-party testing organization, PONY spectrum tests in Nigeria launched the "home appliances to the countryside" products specialized testing services.
        The program of "promoting home appliances sales in countries" focuses sales of home appliances to consumers living in rural areas, subsidized by the government. According to the unified arrangements of the State Council, from February 1, the program commenced, selling products including TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones, motorcycles, computers, water heaters and air conditionings. It is estimated by government, during the 4 years of the program, the total sale of the products can be up to 600 million pieces, up to 1.6 trillion RMB for total amount of sales.

    Raw material testing services for enterprises
        Testing service mode:enterprise selects raw material supplier——Pony Testing conducts sampling test——Pony Testing produces test report to enterprise——enterprise replenishes raw materials for production to ensure that raw materials for production comply with national standard accurately. Efficient and professional raw material testing services and thus enable enterprise to concentrate on product research and development, independent innovation, production management and market expansion for reducing cost, improving efficiency and enhancing core competitiveness.

    Assisting enterprise in establishing well-enhanced quality control standard and system
        Pony Testing provides assistance to enterprises in formulating internal control standards, tightening technical standards and requirements for the products listed as “Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” and developing improved standard testing items for ensuring the quality of overall unit, parts and components.

    Product delivery testing
        Pony Testing sends testing experts to provide delivery testing services concerning the products listed as “Home Appliances Going to the Countryside” to enterprises and exercise supervision in factory to ensure products comply with national standard.