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    Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC Testing

        Pony Testing provides comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility testing services and has perfect and advanced and perfect testing resources and a professional team with abundant experience. Pony Testing can help clients to resolve EMC problems at design stage of products,

    and has established a good cooperative relationship with many international certification bodies. Pony Testing can provide rapid and high quality testing services for your products.
    The scope of service
        .Make reasonable EMC testing plan for each client in accordance with client’ requirements to help clients to confirm testing target and position more quickly;
        .Perform EMC test for products in accordance with standards and provide test report;
        .Assist clients to apply and obtain CE、FCC, E/e-Mark, VCCI、CCC certification etc.;
        .EMC regulations and standards consultation
    Electromagnetic emission measurements:

    .Information technology equipment .Lamps and rectifier
    .Electronic toys .Audio, video and similar equipments
    .Power transformer, power supply unit and similar products .Uninterruptible Power Supply
    .Household and similar electrical appliances .Automotive electronic components
    .Lithium battery etc  

    EMC Test items
    Electromagnetic Interference Test (EMI)

    .Power wire conducted emission (CE) .Radiated emission (RE)
    .Signal and control lines conduced emission (CE) .Harmonic current
    .Fluctuation and flicker .Transient emission (automobile parts)

    Electromagnetic Susceptibility Test (EMS)
        .Electrostatic discharge(ESD) immunity
        .Electrical fast transient(EFT) immunity of power port
        .Electrical fast transient(EFT) immunity of signal and control lines
        .Power wire conduction and coupling /transient immunity (automobile parts)
        .Signal and control lines conduction and coupling /transient immunity (automobile parts)
        .Signal and control lines surge and lightning strike
        .Shell radiated susceptibility (RS); Immunity test in radiation field of transverse Electro Magnetic cell (automobile parts)
        .Bulk current injection (BCI) immunity(automobile parts); Stripline immunity (automobile parts)
        .Conducted susceptibility of power port (CS)
        .Conducted susceptibility of signal and control lines (CS)
        .Voltage dips and interruptions test on power port (DIP)

    Testing standards
        .CISPR22/CISPR13/CISPR11/CISPR14-1/CISPR 25