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    EUP directive evaluation/testing/certification

        Framework Directive for the Eco-design of Energy Using Products (EuP) – EuP directives, published July 2005. By setting up this law framework, EU hopes to regulate the use of energy to satisfy environmental requirements, so as to have positive effect on energy-saving products, promoting sustainable development and ensuring the free flow of products.
    This Directive covers almost all energy-using products except for means of transportation to the extent that energy-using products are sold in considerable quantity and traded in considerable volume (more than 200,000 pieces each year based on available up-to-date figures) and have major environmental impact.

    IM-Implement Measures:
        The concept of EuP is first time induced in to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), including the origin of raw material selection, manufacture, transportation, distribution, installation, maintaince and recycle. The whole process is analysis based on EuP, to reduce the influence to environment. EuP is just a set of frame directives, there is no detailed requirement. A set of requirement may be published gradually, which needs to be in accordance with Impalement Measures (IM).
        Directive EuP only refers to one framework directive and has no specific requirements for enterprises or products. Implement measures for Directive EuP will be gradually added. Up till now, the implement measures for nine kinds of energy-using products have come into force; it is expected that eco-design requirements for more than forty kinds of energy-using products will be advanced in the future several years. According to Directive EuP Article 5 and Article 8 and Appendix IV, manufacturers are required to conduct conformity assessment on products in accordance with Directive EuP, including:
        .Product CE Mark and EC conformity statement
        .Preparation of technical documents
        .Product performance test

    Current Implemented Measures
    Release date
    Eco-design requirements for domestic and office electronic and electric equipment December 18, 2008 No.1275 /2008
    Eco-design requirements for simple digital set-top box February 5, 2009 No.107/2009
    Eco-design requirements for fluorescent lamp without integrated ballast, high-brightness gas discharge lamp and ballast and light source for such illuminators March 18, 2009 No.245/2009
    Eco-design requirements for electric consumption and average working efficiency in the case of no-load of external power supply April 6, 2009 No.278/2009
    Eco-design requirements for multidirectional household lamp March 18, 2009 No.244/2009
    Eco-design requirements for electric motor July 23, 2009 No.640/2009
    Eco-design requirements for standalone glandless circulator and standalone glandless circulator integrated into products July 23, 2009 No.641/2009
    Eco-design requirements for TV set July 23, 2009 No.642/2009
    Eco-design requirements for domestic refrigeration equipment July 23, 2009 No.643/2009

    Notices from Pony Testing
    Pony Testing suggests enterprises specializing in energy-consuming products should establish eco-records, including statistics and rearrangement, ecological impact, raw materials, production processing, transportation and sales, during the whole life cycle. For better managing eco-data, they should try to incorporate environmental optimization design and develop green products positively.

    Professional EuP Services
    Pony Testing has EuP expert members with rich experience in Directive EuP services to provide the following professional EuP services concerning various products to enterprises in strict compliance with Directive EuP:
        .Assist enterprises in finishing conformity evaluation and preparing technical documents and EC conformity statement
        .Conduct testing according to eco-design requirements in Implement Measures and render on-stop testing services and issue authoritative third-party reports with international credibility to ensure the compliance of exported products with the standard of Directive EuP;
        .Assist enterprises in establishing and strengthening supply chain management and strictly control the quality of raw materials;
        .Provide professional EuP training and consulting services

    Special EuP services are needed if your products fall within the following scope:
    .Computer .TV set .Power supply .Refrigeration equipment
    .Washing machine .TFT LCD .Notebook  
    You may select the following EuP services made available by Pony Testing (including, not limited):
        .Eco-Profile inventory counseling
        .Energy consumption testing
        .CE conformity statement
        .WEEE conformity statement

    Delivery/Testing Process