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    Motorola W18 Testing

        W18 is short for the Motorola Company’s No. 12G02897W18 global common specification, and the title is controlled and reportable materials disclosure. In this book Motorola claimed the 64 proposed in document toxic and harmful substances in limited demand according to the requirements of materials from its production suppliers.
    W18 testing content
        The list of appendix W18 includes asbestos, heavy metals, brominated flame retardants, azo dyes, chlorinated paraffins, etc, 64 globally recognized hazardous substances and their limiting content

    PONT TEST provides W18 testing service
        Pony Testing is one of global contracted laboratories approved by Motorola Company, and is the laboratory for Motorola W18 testing in Asia, and has been awarded for Motorola best cooperative partner for consecutive 5 years.

    Requirement for W18 samples:
    * Total weight of sample: 30g – 50 g;
    * Weight just for heavy metal testing: for solid: 5 – 10g, for liquid 5 – 10ml;
    * Only brominated flame retardants test: for solid 10 – 20g, for liquid 10 – 20ml;
    * Other organic contamination test: 20g for each test
    * Partial coating test, coating area, coating material weight and coating thickness need further information