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    Test for occupational Health and Safety Assessment of hazards in the workplace environment

        In the workplace occupational health and safety work is important to reflect the company to fulfill its enterprise citizen responsibility, corporate social responsibility and human rights significance will affect the corporate image and the success of competition in the market, so any corporate dedicating to be greater
    and stronger will not relax their work efforts on occupational health and safety testing related to themselves.
    Related Standards
        The government pay great attention to occupational health, publish < Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases>, and <Specifications of air sampling for hazardous substances monitoring in the workplace> and other 86 kinds of public health regulations, so as to protect health of employee.

    Testing Items
    Factor Category Content
    Chemical Organic Isocyanate esters, aliphatic amines, aromatic compounds, organic phosphorus, organic chlorine compounds, alkane compounds, acid anhydride compounds, etc.
    Metal Cadmium, lead, chromium, tin, sodium, mercury, nickel, antimony, barium, beryllium, bismuth cobalt, magnesium, copper, lithium, molybdenum, zinc, arsenic, selenium, inorganic carbon compounds, inorganic phosphorus compounds
    Soil, solid waste Particle Plant cleanliness, suspended particulates, respirable particles, dust
    Physical Inner illumination, fresh air volume, temperature, humidity, static pressure, pressure

    Pony Testing hint
      Pony Testing has professional qualification and rich experience in environmental testing field, and is able to provide testing services for occupational Health and Safety Assessment of hazards in the workplace environment according to national standards and industry rules. We appreciate your business.