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    CQC PAHs Certified One-stop Service

    The EU, the US and Germany have all published PAHs regulations. In order to facilitate the export of Chinese companies, CQC after a preparation of two years, published PAHs certification service. Once obtained CQC PAHs certificate, the product could pass GS PAHs mandatory certification.

    Pony Testing CQC PAHs certification one-stop service
    If you file an application by yourself, what you need to do:

    Divide the application unit -- Send samples -- Fill out all kinds of application forms -- Submit to various declarations materials -- Follow up at any time -- Wait for being certified - Wait for certificates (certificate valid for one year).

    If you choose Pony Testing to file an application, what you need to do:
    Send the sample to Pony Testing GREEN CHANNEL C Wait for certificates (Certificate valid for one year)
    If your products fall in the following categories (not limited to), you are advised to do CQC PAHs certification:
    Plastic and rubber material
    Black or dark color polymers
    Paint and preservatives
    Transportations and storage of raw materials ever used any moth agent
    Other products (such as: petrochemical products, lubricants, anti-rust oil, charcoal, wood pomegranate oil, tar, drugs, pigments, dyes, release agents, capacitor electrolyte, mineral oil, tar, insecticides, fungicides, mosquito coils, etc.)