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    Brief introduction of Pony Testing

    Pony Testing International Group hereafter referred to as PONYwas established in 2002, which was initially transformed from a transformed research institute. Headquartered in Beijing, PONY has grown to a large-scale comprehensive inspection, testing and certification group which has a total staff of nearly 6,000 employees, more than 20 large-scale experimental bases, more than 30 wholly-owned subsidiaries, and its service networks are all over the country.

    PONY has a complete service system, and provides the comprehensive and one-stop testing, certification, monitoring, metrological confirmation, evaluation and consultation service etc., covering the fields of food, medicine, health care products, agricultural products, ecological environment, consumer goods, electronic and electrical appliances, automotive, genes, architectural engineering, e-commerce, factory inspection, product verification, measurement, certification, toxicology, occupational health, green, low-carbon, energy and so on. PONY's qualification with CMA, CNAS, food re-inspection agency, CATL, CCC, DILAC, metrological calibration and certification, and got test qualifications approved by government authorities of China, such as Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, State Administration for Market Regulation, Civil Aviation Administration etc. The test report has been recognized by more than 90 countries and regions.

    PONY has kept the customer-oriented operation concept and provided comprehensive professional services and solutions. Based on China and targeted at global market, PONY absorbs the most advanced international testing technology, promotes the development of China's local testing market, and makes all the efforts to build a comprehensive inspection, testing and certification group with international competitiveness.

    Since its establishment, Pony Testing has successfully provided its professional service for numerous governmental departments and large-scale enterprises and got test qualifications approved by government authorities of China, such as Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Agriculture, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Food and Drug Administration, the Civil Aviation Administration etc. Pony Testing has been entitled national qualifications such as CMA, CNAS and Food Re-inspection Agency. In 2011, Pony Testing made successfully acquisition of Wuhan Auto Body Accessories Institute, becoming the first designated third-party testing laboratory with the China Compulsory Certification (CCC),Shanghai Auto Laboratory got the same CCC qualification as Wuhans in 2016. In 2017, Pony Testing was accredited as the CCC laboratory in Solvent-Based Wood Coatings.

    Pony Testing is always putting R & D in its first place, and continuously studying the latest testing technology and methods in the world. During these years, we have got 86 patents in the testing fields, and played an important role in drafting and revising 35 national and industrial standards.

    Pony Testing is the seven-time winner of Deloitte's Technology Fast 500?,and wins the rewards or qualification of the Key Target Enterprises of the Ten, Hundred and Thousand Program, Beijing Municipal Engineering Laboratory, Enterprise Technology Center of Beijing, Beijing Engineering Research Center etc.

    During the last decade, Pony Testing has kept the customer-oriented operation concept and provided comprehensive professional services and solutions with leading testing technology, detailed management and ideas, all of which enhances its international first-class competence and strengths.

    Food/Medicine/Health (functional) Product Testing
    In the field of food safety testing, Pony Testing is the Food Re-inspection Agency entrusted by four governmental departments, certified by Ministry of Agriculture for testing and inspection for China green food products, pollution-free agricultural products, geographical indication agricultural products, and the organic products approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of China accordingly.

    Pony Testing always wins biddings from food & drug administration bureaus of provinces and cities around China, undertaking food safety, risk supervision & inspection and urgent random inspection & testing involved in all the process of food manufacturing, logistics and catering. Meanwhile, Pony Testing conducts random inspection & testing for pollution-free agricultural products, green food, geographical indication agricultural products, and carries out research projects related to food safety, toxic substances in herbal medicines. We also provide food nutrition and safety testing for the National Astronaut Training Center.

    Pony Testing always assists with governmental authorities to perform water quality safety testing. During the past years, Pony Testing is the long-term cooperative testing laboratories for numerous well-known international and domestic food enterprises, such as McDonalds, KFC, Hershey's (USA), Lotte Mart and COFCO etc.

    Pony Testing provides testing services for food and raw materials, agricultural products, medicine, health food, pet food, feedstuff, fertilizers, food contact and packaging materials, drinking water, providing physical and chemical property testing services for nutrition facts & labels, microbiology, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, food additives, non-edible substances and heavy metals toxic and hazard materials etc.

    Pony Testing also provides quality identification and certification testing services for pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic products, and agricultural products of geographical indication.

    Genetic Testing
    Recently a genetic testing laboratory has been founded in accordance with national standards. Equipped with advanced analytical instruments and facilities and staffed with a professional team, the laboratory can provide testing services in the fields of animal derived testing, allergen in food and food raw material, genetically modified product screening and identification of genetically modified crop strains, etc.

    Environment and Water Quality Monitoring
    With the qualifications of public places sanitary technical services, Pony Testing is the health and sanitary testing organizations approved by National Government Offices Administration and one of green-star products testing organizations entrusted by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, a member of National Technical Committee Member on Energy Fundamentals and Management of Standardization Administration of China, National Technical Committee on Environmental Management of Standardization Administration of China, Energy and Environmental Protection platform of the Capital S & T Resources Platform.

    Pony Testing is one of the social environmental monitoring organizations approved by Environmental Protection Bureaus in Beijing, Dalian, Shenzhen and etc., one of the first experimental social environment monitoring organizations for construction projects entrusted by Hebei Province and the first experimental social environment monitoring organizations for final acceptance of energy-efficiency building accredited by Shandong Province. Pony Testing is also one of the environmental protection testing organizations for oil and gas recovery projects approved by Bureaus of Environmental Protection in Jiangsu and Guizhou Provinces.

    Pony Testing had participated in the making and revising National Emission Standards for Odor Pollutants. Pony Testing also provides professional testing services for environment and water quality for numerous important domestic and international games and events.

    Pony Testing provides testing services for the public, including environmental impact assessment, acceptance inspection for completion of construction of environmental protection, environmental management system certification, certification of origin, occupational health, sanitary of public facilities, working place health and safety assessment, tax exemption under environment protection act, USA CARB certification, carbon footprint, greenhouse gas checking, etc.

    Pony Testing is able to provide testing services including air, indoor and vehicle interior air quality, solid waste, noise, waste water & recycled water, surface water, underground water, air-condition water, drinking water, reused water, decoration materials for interior & architecture and oil & gas monitoring etc.

    Services for Occupational Safety & Health
    Pony Testing holds the qualifications of occupational health service and provides the professional services for occupational safety & health, sanitary of public facilities, working place environmental safety assessment ,professional and technical supporting for occupational disease prevention and control for various enterprises according to the national standards and causes of occupational diseases.

    Testing Services for Consumer Goods (Cosmetics, Toys & Textiles etc.)
    Pony Testing is the inspection agency qualified by CFDA for filing certificate of domestic non-special use cosmetics. Pony Testing has been one of P&Gs global strategic partners and certified laboratories since it successfully passed the strict P&G evaluations with high scores in2006.In March of 2011, Pony Testing gained 100 marks for QA evaluation during a regular P&G evaluation. In 2007, P&G Certified lab was formally established and put into use in the headquarter of Pony Testing in Beijing. Pony Testing is also one of third-party testing organizations approved by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).

    Pony Testing is a member of expert panel of National Toys Technical Committee for Standardization and China Toy Association Technical Committee for Standardization, participating in amendment of relevant standards & regulations in toy field regularly. Pony Testing always assists bureaus of industry and commerce to perform random quality inspections on toys & childrens products, students stationery and clothes in circulation.

    According to China Hygienic Standards for cosmetics and international cosmetics standards, such as Japan JSCI standards, EU 76/768/EEC directive, USFDA regulations, Pony Testing provides testing services for personal care products (e.g. cosmetics, toothpastes), home care products (e.g. laundry powder, detergents), cosmetic ingredients (e.g. spices, perfumes and fragrance oils) and inspection for filing certificate of domestic non-special purpose cosmetics. Pony Testing also provides the testing services for dioxane and diethylene glycol etc.

    In accordance with standards/regulations of CPSC, ASTM F963, EN71, California Proposition 65 and GB, Pony Testing is capable of providing test services for consumer goods, such as toys, childrens products, stationery, textile products on soluble heavy metal, dimethyl formamide (DMF), bisphenol A (BPA), plasticizers, azo dyes and other restricted substances. Pony Testing also provides physical property such as reliability, flammability, and mechanical testing services etc.

    Testing Services for Luggage & Bags and Leather Goods
    Pony Testing provides testing services for luggage & bags, PVC & leather goods in color fastness, physical & chemical analysis with the specific testing for luggage, bags and materials on the dropt, rolling, and durability and accessories safety.

    Footwear Testing
    Pony Testing provides a range of services including appearance, physical, chemical and biological analysis, performance and duration testing for slippers, sandals, closed foot wears, boots and accessories.

    Feather & Down Filled Products
    In accordance with the standards from China, Japan, EU, USA and Australia, Pony Testing can provides the testing services for feather & down filled products on appearance, physical & chemical analysis, composition/content, filling power, moisture content, residual matters, cleanliness, oxygen number, odor, microorganism, chloride content, etc.

    Electronics Inspection & Performance, Safety and Reliability Testing
    Pony Testing was the Chinese representative responsible for drafting international standard of RoHS IEC 62321, and it has participated in drafting Chinese RoHS standards. Pony Testing has assisted Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce in RoHS directive propagation in the long term.

    Pony Testing always assists Bureaus of Industry and Commerce in conducting random inspections or checks on electronics in circulations. Pony Testing is one of the first China Voluntary RoHS Certification laboratories released by Certification and Accreditation Administration, China. Pony Testing is one of testing organizations for import and export commodity (machinery and electronic products) inspection and identification approved by Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) meanwhile.

    Pony Testing is the entrusted testing laboratory approved by China Quality Certification Center (CQC). It became the approved testing organization of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the material analysis laboratory in Asia entrusted by Motorola and Panasonic Corporations contracted testing organization accordingly.

    Based on the professional technique, Pony Testing can provide various compliance detection, such as RoHS, PoHS and detected services for halogen-free, PAHs, PFOS, BPA, phthalate and other restricted material detection electronics. Pony Testing also provides reliability, safety regulations compliance testing services.

    Testing Services for VehicleAuto Parts & Accessories
    Pony Testing has various professional qualifications in the field of automobile testing, as a member of Energy Savings Sub-committee &Vehicle Recycling Standards Working Group of National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization. It was involved in drafting Requirements for Prohibited Substances and other national standards in automotive field.

    Meanwhile, Pony Testing keeps cooperative relationships with associations such as China Automobile Association, Japan Automobile Association and Chinese Automotive Technology & Research Centre. Pony Testings Wuhan laboratory (Wuhan Auto Body Accessories Institute) is a professional research institute and national quality supervision and inspection center in auto industry, and it has qualifications of China Compulsory Certification(CCC) testing organization approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration, China(CNCA), it is also the quality inspection and testing agency entrusted by the China Machinery Industry Federation, China CQC, China Certification Centre for Automotive Products (CCAP).Pony Testing is a board member of China Motor Vehicle Testing and Certification Union.

    Pony Testing is well recognized in accurate, sophisticated understanding on various standards from Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and other countries and provides professional service for numerous famous international and domestic automotive enterprises.

    Pony Testing can conduct testing services for automobileauto partsinside and outside decorations including metal parts, plastic partsplastic spray paintelectroplate partstransfer printing productstextileleatherfuel oil and motor oil. The service scope include ELV Directive, REACH regulation compliance testing, various restricted toxic substances testing, VOC, physical mechanics performance testing for the function of the auto parts (e.g. fatigue durability and reliability), CCC mandatory product certification and inspection, products inspection, consignment inspection, quality arbitration inspection, the development of special testing equipment, product qualitative analysis.

    Battery testing/ Identification of Cargo transportation conditions by air
    Pony Testing is an organization for air cargo transportation condition identification approved by Civil Aviation Administration of China and accredited by CNAS IEC 17020 with inspection body qualification; Pony Testing had participated in drafting and revising lithium battery UN38.3 standards, China compulsory standards of lithium batteries and other important standards. Pony Testing often attends important conferences of various industries like the USA Lithium Battery Packaging Transportation TBT Meeting. In 2011, as the dangerous goods identification organization approved by the 26th Universiade, Pony Testing was praised by CAAC and won the title of High Quality Customer for lithium battery testing in airports.

    Pony Testing has renowned large-scale laboratories for battery, safety & reliability testing in South China and firstly launched large power (energy) battery testing services in China. Pony Testing can provide the testing service for exemption of consumption tax on batteries. Meanwhile, Pony Testing can provide lithium battery UN38.3 testing, magnetic test, cargo transportation condition identification and inspection services; we also can provide professional safety performance, capacity labelling testing and CB Certification for types of lithium batteries, large power (energy) batteries for motor vehicles , electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles in accordance with IEC 62133 and other testing standards.

    Testing Service for Exemption of Consumption Tax on Batteries & Paints
    Approved by the State Council, from February1st, 2015, the Chinese Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly announced a Notice to impose a 4% consumption tax on specific types of batteries and paints while certain batteries, accumulators and paints are exempted of the consumption tax as followings:

    Mercury-free batteries, nickel-hydrogen, Lithium primary, Lithium ion batteries, Solar cells, Fuel cells, Vanadium redox flow batteries, Paints / coatings with a volatile organic compounds (VOCs) concentration of less than 420 g/L.

    In order for the exemption tax to apply, the applicant shall submit the accredited reports from entrusted laboratories by provincial administration of quality and technology supervision to tax authorities.

    Qualified with national CMA certification, Pony Testing can provide testing services for environment friendly products to apply exemption of consumption tax such as batteries & paints in accordance with related regulations and standards.

    Accreditation Service
    Approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of China, Pony Testing has the qualifications to conduct the accreditation services for Quality Management System (QMS), Food Safety Management System (FSMS), Good Agricultural Practices, (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetic Products (GMPC).

    Metrological Confirmation Service
    Pony Testing is equipped with calibration laboratories accredited by Certification and Accreditation Administration of China and provides the professional metrological confirmation services in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements and the specific requirements of CNAS. Our metrological confirmation services include calibration of geometry and accurate measurementspyrology, chemical & mechanics calibration and time and frequency calibration.

    Product Verification Testing
    As the accredited inspection body identical to ISO/IEC17020 and the import & export commodity inspection & survey body approved by AQSIQ, Pony Testing provides the product verification services for import & export commodities, including the product manufacturing process, sales, storage and suppliers in accordance with the current standards or the Clients requirements and contracts to reduce or avoid the risk of product quality defects.

    Factory & Site Inspection and Survey
    In accordance with laws and regulations of China, Pony Testing provides the factory & site inspection and survey service for all the food supply chain, including inspections in factories, supermarkets, F & B of hospitality, central kitchens and canteens etc.

    The factory inspection includes the verification on licenses & qualifications of factories, the qualifications of suppliers of raw materials and additives, the inspections on manufacturing environment & process, equipment & facilities cleanse & disinfect status, additives ranges of use or dosage, finished products, personal trainings etc. Pony Testing provides site inspections and surveys on supermarkets, grocery stores, F & B of hospitality, central kitchens and canteens etc., services includes inspections on personal health and environmental sanitation, cleanse & disinfect status, working habits & methods, raw materials, tags and labels of products, equipment & facilities , implementations of regulations & laws etc.

    REACH Compliance & SDS Service
    Based on its professional qualifications and rich experience in the testing field of toxic and hazardous materials, Pony Testing provides testing and consulting services for REACH Substances of Very High Concern, SVHC, and the Restricted Substances. Pony Testing offers SDS services in different language versions in compliance with the standards and requirements of countries with the experience of serving SDS assessment of thousands of products from hundreds of enterprises in China.

    Physical and Mechanical Testing
    Pony Testing has well-equipped newly-built physical & mechanical laboratory teamed with professional and technical staffs, and provides services for testing architectural thermal insulation materials and systems, energy-efficiency building evaluation and site inspection for final acceptance, performance testing for decoration materials (e.g. planks, paints) in accordance with standards and regulations.

    Energy-efficiency Building Testing
    Pony Testing is equipped with architectural engineering testing laboratory allocated with advanced equipment and facilities and staffed a team of professional and technical experts, we provides the services for analysis of physical properties, hazardous materials in insulation materials, wood products, paint and related decoration materials. The services also are included such as testing architectural thermal insulation materials and systems, energy-efficiency building evaluation and site inspection for final acceptance.