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    Radiation Protection and Monitoring

      Radiation pollution is deemed as the fourth pollution source, ranked behind ambient air, water quality and noise. United Nations Conference on Human Environment includes radiation into main pollutants which must be controlled. Pony Testing has radiation protection and monitoring qualification recognized by the nation, and can provide high efficient and accurate radiation protection and monitoring services based on its complete equipments and professional technical experts.
    Scope of services
    Pony Testing can monitor the following radiation sources (including but not limited to):
    ■ Mobile communication base station
    ■ Power transmission and transformation equipment
    ■ Electromagnetic radiation in machine room
    ■ Electromagnetic radiation in automobile
    ■ Broadcast television emission system
    ■ Transportation system
    ■ Radar and navigation and other wireless launching equipments
    ■ Radiation protection and monitoring for radar therapy apparatus, microwave therapy apparatus and other hygiene and medicines and drugs

    Monitoring items
    ■ Electromagnetic radiation
    ■ X-ray
    ■ Y-ray
    ■ Ultraviolet radiation
    ■ Power frequency electric field
    ■ Power frequency magnetic field
    ■ Radio frequency electric field
    ■ Radio frequency magnetic field
    ■ Environmental vibration