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    Electronic Samples Submission Procedure

    1. Telephone inquiries:
    Tel: 010-82618116/83055000
    Fax: 010-82619629

    2. To prepare the sample as follows:
        Manufacturers need to separate the samples before submission according to the required electrical and electronic hazardous material general separation requirements. Put split samples in the sample bags respectively, labeled, marked the name of each component and provide a detailed list of parts finally. For those parts with identical material, please specify.

    Testing requirements for each component:
    1. Only for heavy metal detection: Solid about 5-10g, liquid approximately 5-10mL;
    2. Only Brominated flame retardants detection: solid about 10-20g, the liquid approximately 10-20mL;
    3. Detection of heavy metals and brominated flame retardants: provide 20-30g samples for other organic pollutant test;
    4. If the weight of coating (coated) parts does not meet the minimum requirement of sample weight, original coating material must be provided;
    5. In case of non-RoHS type testing, 50g sample would be enough.

    3. Sample to the laboratory:
    You can choose to: Mail sample or take it to our reception
    Add: 49-3, Yingzhi Tower, Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100080
    Tel :010-82618116/83055000
    Fax :010-82619629

    4. Fill commissioned testing contract:
    Fill out commissioned testing application form
    Normal service: 4 working days

    5. Payment of testing:
    RMB Account
    Account Name: Pony Testing Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
    Account Bank: China Construction Bank Beijing Branch of Industry and Commerce Building
    Bank account: 11001085300059616767

    For foreign currency business information, please click here.
    Please pay within two days of signing the commissioned testing contract and fax proof of payment.
    Finance Advisory Tel :010-82618116

    6. Report:
    Self Pick: Click to view contact details
    Express: domestic EMS (Free) / International EMS (a charge of RMB 150.00 yuan).