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    Goods Inspection and factory inspection

    As global trade is becoming prosperous, the third party inspection service comes into being. Inspection, also called as notary or export inspection during exporting and exporting trade,an activity that goods quantity and other relevant contents of order and purchase contract are inspected and accepted on behalf of clients or buyer according to their requirements with an aim to inspect the goods provided by vendor meet requirements of the order contract and other special requirements of the buyers.

    Inspection is able to avoid delay in delivery and defects of the products, as well as to take emergency and remedial measures; to reduce or avoid consumers complaints, changing or refunding and loss in business reputation caused due to the inferior products received;reduce risk in compensation arising out of sale of the inferior products; to check quality and quantity of the goods and to avoid contract disputes; to compare and select the best vendors and to obtain related information and advice; decrease management and labor fees in large quantity cost for product control and inspection.

    With CNAS ISO/IEC 17020 inspection institute quality, Pony Testing International Group is an inspection and appraisal institute of importing and exporting commodity recognized by AQSIQ. Based on relevant standards and entrusted by clients, we provide various inspection services to ensure product quality conform to the requirements of the orders and to help the clients to reduce and eliminate importing risk in goods quality as much as possible.

    Inspection Basis
    Chinese and international laws and technical regulations concerned; quality standards agreed in the contracts;
    Standards and related technical requirements stated in the products; instructions, guarantees, contract articles, physical samples and pictures etc.

    Inspection Contents

    Quality (appearance, performance and workmanship) Shipping mark in conformity with the requirements of laws (such as barcode check)
    Quantity Transportation
    Package Midway unloading inspection

    Inspection Type
    Inspection before Production
    The inspectors check the raw materials, preliminarily processed products and parts through ransom sampling to ensure the products are consistent with the samples and accuracy of ways of production.Regular inspection items include: raw materials, parts, semi-finished products, production equipment status and capacity, production technology and QA staff assignment

    Inspection during Production
    The inspectors check the semi-finished products on line and the finished products just offline and examine their careless mistakes and deviation, as well as report to the factory and suggest effective ways to correct mistakes and deviations.

    The inspects conduct AQL sampling when all the products are finished and at least 80% of them are packed and ready for shipment according to ANSI/ASQZ1.4(ISO2859-1), as well as check the quantity, technique, function, size and specification and package of the goods to ensure the quality and safety of the whole process from product design and shipment.

    100% Inspection
    For particular or high-value products, the service contents are involved in classification between excellent and defective products. The defective products are separated from the batches to return for correction or destruction.

    Production Monitoring(Residential Inspection)
    The inspectors reside in the factories of the vendors as the clients QA to train and pass on the quality requirements of the clients to the factory. The inspectors will conduct the goods on the production lines irregularly every day, as well as send the quality records to the clients in the form of daily reports. In case quality issues appear, the inspectors will consult with the factories, assist and improve and solve the issues.

    Supervise Loading/Unloading
    After sampling inspection before delivery and shipment of the final products, the inspectors, in factory bases, warehouses or during carton shipment, assist the factories to confirm the cartons used for package conform to the cleaning status and to the package conditions or not, as well as ensure the delivery quantities and safety of the shipment and take photos for records. The unloading supervision includes packing list or invoice check and similar check of completeness of the containers to avoid disputes and to ensure the arrival of the products under the same status as the shipment.

    Factory Evaluation(Vendor Review)
    According to the clients requirements, we assign professionals to visit the factories and review their truth and to conduct overall evaluation, including working conditions, production status, facilities, equipment, production process, quality administration system etc, we present corresponding statements and issue evaluation reports as well.

    Inspection Process

    For more information, please consult customer service staff in your place where PONY is located.