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    Occupational health testing and evaluation services

    Testing Background
    The Occupational Disease Prevention Lawstated clearly thatthe intensity and concentration of occupational hazardous factors shall meet the national standards of occupational health, and take workplace occupational hazardousfactors monitoring and assessment regularly. The occupational hazard monitoring and evaluation should be carried out by the technical service organizations of occupational health services, which are qualified by the provincial public health authority .

    Related control law and regulation
    Pony Testing GROUP has been approved qualification certification of occupational health technical service. Wecan perform monitoring and evaluation of occupational health factors according to national standards. Pony Testing can provide technical support and guidance to improve enterprise occupational protection measures and technical basis. We can give advisory opinions for enterprises in the fields of occupational health inspection in order to strengthen occupational protection and to reduce risks of occupational health, to enhance and standardize its management. The services clients include, not not limited to, the manufacture and business units which had gone into operation and/or generated or have occupational hazards during the production process.

    Detection standard
    Health Standard for the Design of Industrial Enterprises, GBZ1-2010
    Occupational exposure limits GBZ 2-2007
    Specifications of air sampling for hazardous substance GBZ 159-2004
    Determination of toxic substance in the air of workplace GBZ/T 160-2004(2007)
    Measurement of physical agents in workplaceGBZ/T 189-2007
    Determination of dust in the air of workplace GBZ/T 192-2007
    Others related testing standards

    Test item

    Category Item
    physical factor workplace, high temperatures noise, ultraviolet radiation
    chemical hazards cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), lead (Pb), zinc(Zn) in the air of workplace;n-hexane, isopropanol, diethyl ether, methyl aldehyde, ethyl acetate, phenol, benzene series, solvent gasoline and other organic containment in the air of workplace;nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, respirable dust, total dust, free silicon dioxide and etc., in the air of workplace.